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Mutton Curry Kerala Style (Nadan mutton Curry)

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KERALA RESTAURANT MUTTON CURRY ( Nadan Mutton Curry)   This is a very special restaurant styled Mutton Curry recipe. Restaurants in Kollam-Kerala, like Ezhuthani or Fayalwan are famous for their tasty Mutton curry, which is served along with Kerala Porotta, Pappad and Onion salad. Kollam Ezhuthani is also famous for ...

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Kerala Porotta

Kerala Porotta Recipe (Lachha Paratha)

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Kerala Paratha / Malabar Porotta with a twist of adding chilli flakes and onion Kerala Porotta or Malabar Porotta is a unique dish from God Own’s country, which is altogether different from North Indian parathas. Kerala Porotta, prominently known as Paratta or Parotta, is a delicacy from the southern part ...

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