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  • Kondattam Mulaku Chammanthi

    Kondattam Mulaku Chammanthi

    Kondattam chilli is sun dried Green chilli, marinated in curd and salt. This dried chilli is easily available in markets. Special coconut chutney made with this dried chilli is given. Ingredients Add oil to a frying pan and add few kondattam chilli. Fry till it turns light brown. This fried chilli can be taken as…

  • Keto Foods – Egg Aviyal

    Keto Foods – Egg Aviyal

    Special Mutta Aviyal Estimated Nutrient Content Ingedients Coarse grind coconut, cumin seeds and garlic. Boil the eggs and cut into four pieces. Add mushroom, tomato, drum stick, green chilli, turmeric powder and salt as needed. Add 4 tbsp of water and mix well. Cover and cook well. Add ground coconut mix. Mix well, cover and…

  • Chicken Mappas Kerala Style

    Chicken Mappas Kerala Style

    Chicken mappas goes well with appam, rice, chapathi and even bread. Step 1 Ingredients Pour coconut into a pan and add the chicken. Half fry the chicken till it changes it’s colour slightly. Move the half fried chicken to another bowl. The oil is required for further usage. Step 2 Ingredients Add ginger, garlic and…

  • Chicken Majboos

    Chicken Majboos

    This is a tasty Arabian Styled Chicken- Rice combo. Preparation of Baharat Ingredients In a frying pan, add coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, pepper and cinnamon. Crush cinnamon and nutmeg. Roast over low flame till aromatic. After cooling down, first coarse grind the mixture. Then add chilli powder and grind it to fine…

  • Ada Biriyani and Noodles

    Ada Biriyani and Noodles

    Ada (Kerala flat rice noodles) is normally used for making kheer or payasam. This is a very special recipe of 2 dishes which can be made using ada. A biriyani type dish and Hakka noodles model. These dishes can be taken as snacks. Preparation of Ada Ingredients Take enough water in a vessel, add some…

  • Perfect Boondi Laddu

    Perfect Boondi Laddu

    Perfect Boondi Laddu – DIY Laddu Maker Traditionally every happy occasion in India is accompanied by distribution of Laddu and so it has become the symbol of happiness. Laddu comes in different taste and colour, but boondi laddu is a special one. Ingredients Preparation Add gram flour and ¼ tsp food colour into a bowl.…

  • Punugulu with Idli Batter

    Punugulu with Idli Batter

    Punugulu, is a special street food recipe from Andhra. This snack is prepared from idli/dosa batter. This is very tasty and easy to prepare evening snack. Ingredients Preparation Add all the ingredients mentioned above one by one into a bowl. Baking soda can be added to get a good texture. Mix all the ingredients well.…

  • Healthy Vegetable Pulao

    Healthy Vegetable Pulao

    Amarnath Pulao (Cheera) Green leafy vegetables are essential for our health and must be included in our daily diet. Today we will be making a healthy and easy dish with spinach. This is a healthy and easy dish with spinach which can be cooked effortlessly for tiffins and other short meals. Ingredients Add ghee/oil to…

  • 6 unbelievable cooking hacks with bread and egg | 5 minutes cooking

    6 unbelievable cooking hacks with bread and egg | 5 minutes cooking

    6 Easy and tasty Recipes using Bread and Eggs Spicy Bread Pancakes Ingredients Coarse grind the bread and transfer it to a bowl. Cut the onion, green chilli, ginger and coriander leaves into small pieces and add it to the bread. Add salt, pepper powder and turmeric powder and mix well. You can add some…

  • Very Easy Potato curry

    Very Easy Potato curry

    While preparing for breakfast or dinner, are you confused about the side dish? This potato curry will help, which can be prepared easily with minimum ingredients. This dish is a easy to prepare side dish for chapathi, appam, puri etc.  Ingredients for Potato Mix Preparation Add the ingredients mentioned above into a pressure cooker. Add…

These collections are dedicated to bring those special exotic dishes from various parts of India into an easy to make format, so that we all can try it at home. Whether some dishes that you see on the restaurant menu like Murgh Musallam, or the Indian sweet we normally buy like Kaju barfi, or the very special Chicken fry with green pepper, or a smoothie with special nutritious additives, or a low carb dish for the calorie watchers, or for those who want to make own masalas without any preservatives. This is the melting pot of all. This is where health meets taste.

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Every Ramadan, I use your recipe to make to bake this cake. Please post more videos. Thank you

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