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Delicious recipes for every occasion. From quick kitchen hacks, to savory Indian dishes, and to sweet Arabic delicacies, we have it all!

These collections are dedicated to bring those special exotic dishes from various parts of India into an easy to make format, so that we all can try it at home. Whether some dishes that you see on the restaurant menu like Murgh Musallam, or the Indian sweet we normally buy like Kaju barfi, or the very special Chicken fry with green pepper, or a smoothie with special nutritious additives, or a low carb dish for the calorie watchers, or for those who want to make own masalas without any preservatives. This is the melting pot of all. This is where health meets taste.

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  • Mughlai Mutton Stew

    Mughlai Mutton Stew

    Step 1 – Mughlai mutton stew masala preparation Ingredients Preparation Firstly, into a heated pan, add onion and salt. Saute till brown over medium flame. Transfer it to a colander. Grind all the remaining ingredients to a fine paste. To that add the fried onion and grind it to a fine paste and keep aside.…

  • Prawns Biriyani (Kerala Style Chemmeen Biriyani)

    Prawns Biriyani (Kerala Style Chemmeen Biriyani)

    Kerala has been famous for its varieties of Biriyani, which again varies from North to South part. Prawns Biriyani recipe mentioned here is from the Southern part of Kerala and has got a special blend of masalas and leaves added to it, giving a spicy touch. Its called as chemmeen biriyani in Malayalam language. Step…

  • Tomato Dates Chutney

    Tomato Dates Chutney

    Tomato Dates Chutney is a special recipe from Bengali cuisine. A very easy to make dish and detailed recipe is given below. Ingredients Preparation Panch Phoron is a special blend of five whole spices, which are mentioned above. Mix all these spices 1/2 teaspoon each. Or use same quantity of each spice, as needed for…

Every Ramadan, I use your recipe to make to bake this cake. Please post more videos. Thank you

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Video about Basbousa arabic dish

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