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indidiet Curd oats

Curd Oats (Savory oats) – South Indian curd rice style

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Curd Oats Oatmeal recipes are the favorite breakfast ideas !!! Oats can be made into a tasty dish with curd or yogurt, that too in about 5 minutes !! Try this nutritious Oatmeal dish prepared just like the thayir sadam or curd rice, the famous South Indian rice dish. Curd ...

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Indidiet scrambled egg scrambled oats egg bhurji oats bhurji

Scrambled Oats

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Scrambled Oats / Oats Bhurji Oats is a common cereal, which has become part of almost all breakfast menus. Moreover, this is a favorite for all those who are watching their calories – low calorie diets, Diabetic meal plans etc. The usual recipe for oats is porridge and being an ...

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