Best way to store vegetables and fruits in lockdown

Best ways to store vegetables and fruits

Here we will look at different ways to preserve vegetables for a longer period of time. This is a useful method which can be used to minimize wastage of vegetables.

  • Mint leaves

Grind them to a fine paste, use ice trays for freezing.

  • Coriander leaves

Grind them and use ice trays for freezing.

  • Tomatoes

Cut them to small pieces. Spread them facing upwards on a plate, freeze them and then store.

  • Pumpkin skins

Can be frozen or dried for later use.

  • Mixed vegetables

Cleaned, cut and frozen for sambhar, aviyal etc.

  • Raw mangoes

Cut into pieces and frozen. Seasonal fruits can also be preserved.

  • Special vegetable mix for fried rice

Green peas, beans, carrot, long beans, sweet corn etc can be cut into pieces and frozen. They can be stored in a plastic bag.

  • Ripe banana

Perfect for milk shakes, ice cream topping, breakfast cereals etc. cut into small pieces and frozen.

  • Green chilli

Can be stored by covering in a tissue paper or cloth. No need to freeze.

  • French fries

Fries can be frozen and stored for later usage.

  • Chicken preparations

Chicken preparations like chapli kebab, cutlet etc can be frozen and stored.

  • Lime juice cubes

Lime juice cubes can be prepared by using the ice trays. Lime juice can be  poured onto ice trays and frozen. Just need one cube for making a glass of lime juice.

  • Chapathi

Half cook chapathi on both sides for about 30 seconds each and freeze them.

  • Ginger and garlic paste

Prepared it using vinegar and preserve need to freeze.

Try experimenting yourselves on various freezing options to help you cook !!!