Kallu soda is an extremely refreshing mocktail that is local to a coastal town in the state of India.This recipe can be used to recover from the extreme summer heats or to refresh yourself during rumadan feasts.

Making sugar syrup

4 cups of water
ginger 2 inches  chopped as shown in video to turn into candied ginger
boil ginger over  high flame for 10 mins or until color changes to golden
add 2 cups of sugar, mix well and boil until the solution starts to thicken
Sieve solution

The candied ginger and sugar syrups can be stored for extended periods of  time in containers
Different flavors like cinnamon, cardamom and others can be added.

Preparing the drink

Add a few cubes of ice to cup
quarter tablespoon of salt
Squeeze one whole lime into the cup
Add ginger syrup to your taste
One table spoon of glucose powder
Other flavors such as pineapple or grape can be added here
Add soda and bottle/can to make more fizzy