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How to make soft and fluffy easy kinnathappam

Easy and Instant Kinnathappam Recipe with Rice Flour (Steamed Plate Cake Recipe)

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Easy and Instant Kinnathappam Recipe With Rice Flour (Steamed Plate Cake Recipe) Kinnathappam is a favorite snack of Kerala,made of rice flour. Normal method of making it take hours and so this instant method of making tasty kinnathappam will be useful for many. The tasty kinnathappam are prepared with slight ...

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Kerala Porotta

Kerala Porotta Recipe (Lachha Paratha)

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Kerala Paratha / Malabar Porotta with a twist of adding chilli flakes and onion Kerala Porotta or Malabar Porotta is a unique dish from God Own’s country, which is altogether different from North Indian parathas. Kerala Porotta, prominently known as Paratta or Parotta, is a delicacy from the southern part ...

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